Kính hiển vi luyện kim kín Boshida BD-6R

Kính hiển vi luyện kim kín Boshida BD-6R
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Kính hiển vi luyện kim kín Boshida BD-6R

▲ Optical system: Infinity Plan Achromatic optical system

▲ Observation: Bright field, dark field, polarizing

▲ Optional: DIC

▲ Eyepiece: High eye level WF PL10 × (Φ22mm)

▲ Objective(Optional):  5X,10X, 20X, Optional: 50X, 100X

▲ Illumination: Reflecting &Transmission illumination

▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs

▲ BD-6R/BD-6RT is a modularized research microscope.

▲ Function module as DIC, polarization, Bright field, dark field can be choosed for different applications.

▲ Glass stage is suitable for using transmission light and reflecting light at the same time.

▲ BD-6R/BD-6RT is suitable for PCB cross section analysis(oil layer), coating thickness measurement, material analysis, etc..

▲ For more application information, please view SOLUTION or couslt with us.

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Model BD-6R/BD-6RT
Observation Optional: Bright fieldd, dark field, polarization, DIC.
Optical system Infinity achromatic optic system
View tube Trinocular,  30° inclined, Splitting ratio: 100:0 or 0:100
Eyepiece High eye level WF PL10X(Φ22mm)
Objective LM PL-BD infinity long working distance light field and dark field metallurgical objective;
Standard configuration: 5X, 10X, 20X, with DIC;
Optional: 50X, 100X, with light field and dark field.
Nosepiece Quintuple converter with DIC slot
Stage 6 inch three layer mechanical stage, glass stage plate
Reflecting moving range: 158mm*158mm;
Transmission moving range: 100mm*100mm;
Right hand wheeled controller for X and Y direction;
Cluth handle achieves fast moving.
Microscope Column Coxial positioning system
Tightness and height limitation of coarse regulation are adjustable
Fine adjustment accuracy: 0.001mm
Coarse adjustment: 33mm
Built in power supply(input: AC90V~240V): singe output/dual output
Light source Reflecting kohler illumination, 12V/100W halogen lamp, with center adjustable field stop and aperture stop. The brightness is adjustable, with filter slot and polarizer slot. with obque illumination shifter.
Transmission illumination, 5W white light LED with adjustable aperture stop. The brightness is adjustable.
N.A0.5 condensor, with center adjustable apertuer stop.

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